10 Reasons why I felt in love with South Africa

As I mentioned in my first post about South Africa, this country has been for a long time on my bucket list. It was a big dream for me to have the chance to visit this country. And I was just overwhelmed from the beauty of this country. There are a lot of reasons why people felt in love with South Africa. But I wanted to show you my 10 reasons:

1.The landscapes

The landscapes in South Africa are just mind-blowing. Cape Town with its back drop of Table Mountain, the Cape Peninsula with its beautiful scenery like the Chapman’s Peak, Hout Bay, Kirstenbosch Gardens or Boulder’s Beach with its once-in-a-lifetime penguins experience. It is just unbelievable how gorgeous every single part of Cape Town and the surroundings is. I think I have never visited a city with such a variety of wonderful scenery, wildlife and nature located in one area. 







2. The Winelands

We made a road trip through the winelands to see as much as possible and stayed more than 1 week in the winelands – and I would recommend this definitely. It would be a pitty if you would only do a day-tour to the winelands. The winelands are so beautiful and every village is different – not to mention the fact that you can drink a lot of luscious wine 😉






3. Food

Where should I start regarding the food. I am such a big foodie and for me is no holiday complete without good food. I knew that you can find in Cape Town and South Africa some good food but I never dreamed of such good food. It is really phenomenal and we had during our vacation in South Africa not one bad meal. For me is Cape Town the Foodie destination No 1 – with no doubt. You can find here everything you want !! And if you want some restaurant recommendations, you can find it here




My favorite (beside the Test Kitchen restaurant) was the Neighbourgoods Market at the Old Biscuit Mill. I could eat there every single day. The variety of food and the special vibes are indescribable.


4. Wine 

Normally I would put “wine” under the same category as food, but in this case the wine in South Africa is soooooo good that it deserves an own position 😉 Drink as much as possible during your trip……



5. Hotels

In Cape Town and the surroundings exists more luxury boutique hotels than in other countries. You have such an amazing variety of luxury hotels which are all unique and stylish, that it is really hard to choose one of them (the same for the winelands, Cape Peninsula etc.).





6. Shopping

I was really impressed by the variety of shopping. But not regarding clothes as you would maybe think, but regarding furniture and interior design. There are so many shops with beautiful (and I mean really beautiful) furnitures, home decor, art galleries and a lot more. Only the shops would be a reason to live in South Africa 😉




7. Sunsets

No words needed.



8. The blue of the sky

Even if it sounds weird, but the blue of the sky was just magical. It is very special and hard to describe. You have to see it.



9. The people

Cape Town is a melting point of different cultures and different people. But I was overwhelmed how nice and friendly the people are. Their hospitality is really amazing. You can feel that they welcome you in their Mother City – Cape Town. 


10. South Africa as point of departure

South Africa but especially Cape Town is a brilliant point of departure. You can be within 2 – 4 hrs flight in a completely different world. You could be in the middle of the Sossusvlei desert in Namibia or at a exotically getaway in Mauritius.


Extra Tip:

I have an extra tip for you regarding your visit to South Africa. I used during my Cape Town visit Uber, and it was the most comfortable, quickest and easiest way to travel around Cape Town. It’s better than taxi driving and it is totally safety. I can’t recommend it enough. 

There are a lot of reasons (and for sure more than my 10 reasons) why South Africa is a dream destination. I totally felt in love with this magical country. The quality of life is just enormous. It doesn’t matter if you like good food & wine, or if you love animals, or if you like the nature – I am pretty sure that you will find your own personal reason to felt in love with this country. I am just counting the days until my next trip to South Africa.