New York – I’m back !!!

I had the opportunity to be in New York during Fashion Week. And I have to say it was just phenomenal !! I am such a big fan of NY and NY is always a good idea but during the Fashion Week the vibe was just so outstanding. So many interesting people. I stayed only 3 days in NY – but did of course the best of it šŸ˜‰Ā 

This time I had the chance to stay at the beautiful EDITION hotel. I just can say WOW. The hotel is amazing. We stayed at the beautiful Loft Suite.

We stayed at the beautiful Loft Suite

The most impressive thing about this Suite was the direct view at the Empire State Building. This was really surreal. Sitting on the window seat with a glass of wine and this breathtaking view. NY your are soooo magical.

The EDITION hotel has become one of my favorite hotels in NY. Not only because of the spacious rooms and the amazing views but especially because of the people. The service was outstanding. From the doormen to the concierge or the bartender. Everybody was so nice and friendly. They did everything to make you feel comfortable and very special. Also the location is great – 5 Madison Avenue. You could not ask for more for a hotel in NY.

Because I had only 3 days in NY and this was not my first time in NY I didn’t had so many things on my list. But there was 1 thing which I wanted to do – went to the Smorgasburg Market in Brooklyn. This is a food market which take place every Saturday and Sunday and offers more than 100 food stalls. Obviously a must thing for a foodie like me šŸ˜‰

And I didn’t get disappointed. This food market is so amazing. You can find everything from original Thai Coffee to Poke and a lot more.Ā 

If you are over a weekend in NY you have to go to the Smorgasburg in Brooklyn.Ā 

During my remaining days in NY I just wanted to relax and stroll through the city – with no plan. And this was one of the best ideas. I enjoyed to enjoy NY- if you understand what I mean šŸ˜‰

But I wouldn’t bee a real foodie if I hadn’t some insider tips for you. Here are my 2 newest restaurant tips in NY:

If you are looking for an authentic and delicious chinese restaurant, went to this nice place in Chinatown. Even if it doesn’t look like a good restaurant – trust me, it is one of the best chinese restaurant you could find in NY. The Nom Wah.

My second tip is a steak house – Keens Chophouse. I just love steaks and I can’t get enough of it. This is a real institution in NY. You can see and feel the history in this restaurant. But the best part about this restaurant is their food, obviously their steaks. They are just outstanding delicious.Ā 

This was my very last minute and very short NY trip. But I was just happy to be back in this amazing city – one of the best cities in the world. And I am exciting to explore Los Angeles. Yeeeees, the Viator will be for a few days in Los Angeles. Keep you posted šŸ™‚