Santa Monica – Here I am

After a few very excited days in Los Angeles, I decided to visit Santa Monica and surroundings. And this was a great idea. Los Angeles is amazing, but it is very big and a typical metropolis. So it was a nice variety to visit Santa Monica and to calm down after busy NY and LA.

And of course was my first stop Santa Monica Pier. Totally touristic and totally weird but totally amazing 😉

I’m a big Two and a Half Man fan. So because of this I had to try a Corn Dog – Jake’s favorite food 😉 I tried it at a real Santa Monica institution – the Hot Dog Stick. A very good choice. Mhmmmmmm

Afterwards we did a little stroll to enjoy Santa Monica.

And of course I had to include a little beach break in Santa Monica 

One of the most stunning hotels in Santa Monica is the Shutters on the Beach – which is, guess, exactly on the beach. We did a little cocktail break at the Shutters and enjoyed the view 🙂

After some relaxation at the beach we went to Venice. The famous Venice Beach. I was really excited to see Venice because I’ve heard a lot of great stories about Venice. My ultimate favorite part in Venice was the Abbot Kinney Road. So cool, so hip and so unique. If you ever went to Venice, make sure you visit the Abbot Kinney Road. An amazing long street with a lot of unique and hip shops, delicious restaurants and galleries.

After some amazing days in Los Angeles and some even more amazing days in New York, I had to go back home – unfortunately. La-La-La Land was amazing.